Special Project: Portering Services

Quick goes beyond warehousing, forwarding, and delivery. Our team is equipped to provide customized and integrated solutions from regional distribution, reverse logistics, or any other supply chain solution that meet the unique requirements of each and every client. 


One of our special projects is the portering system at the Araneta Bus Port. Similar to how baggage check-in is done in airports, this new system provides a central area for passengers to drop-off and check-in their baggage. The baggage is labeled with sticker for identification and Bus Port Crew handle the loading of baggage on the passenger’s designated bus. 


This system is a departure from previous practice where commuters had to deal with un-uniformed porters picking their baggage upon arrival and passengers scrambling to get a space inside the bus belly for their own bags and personal effects.


Each bus port passenger is entitled to maximum of ten (10) kilo baggage. A fee ranging from PHP7.00 to PHP27.00 per kilo, depending on the passenger’s destination will be charged for excess baggage. This transaction is receipted ensuring liability on the part of the bus companies.


Upon arrival at their destination, passengers can claim their baggage upon showing their baggage tickets.


The system has helped improved the overall experience of passengers at the bus port. It has also increased security, since baggage owners are identified and all baggage go through detectors, unlike previous practice where passengers load their baggage inside the buses on their own.





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