About Us


A premier supply chain organization, QuickReliable Services (QUICK) resolves challenges in clients’ supply chain using its Fourth Party Logistics approach and by synergizing its resources and network of partners from transportation, forwarding, technology, and e-commerce.


Fourth Party Logistics

Have you ever found yourself dealing with multiple companies or providers in managing your supply chain? Do you have to talk to a freight forwarder in the morning, run to a meeting with a last mile courier, and then finalize a contract with a warehouse owner before the day ends? Are you experiencing multiple gaps or redundancies in your process?

Quick understands this scenario too well and hopes to help businesses improve its supply chain process as it becomes the Philippines’ first 4PL company.

As a 4PL company, also referred to as Lead Logistics Provider, Quick serves as a single interface between the client and multiple logistics service providers for trucking, sea and air freight, warehousing, distribution, etc. It manages all aspects of the client’s supply chain – its entire resources, capabilities, and technologies.

Quick’s main asset is its expertise in designing, building, and running a customized and integrated supply chain solution. It integrates itself into the client’s day-to-day business to be able to intensively plan and steer the supply chain process. As a result, QuickReliable identifies areas for the client’s increased productivity, efficiency, and savings in time and money.




We are built on a vision of innovating solutions Beyond Logistics with Unlimited Possibilities. We would like to do it in a way that we are building a logistics community through QUICK economy. (Emer Ilagan, QuickReliable Services President and Managing Director)


Quick is Certified by ICTO

Quick is a franchise holder of courier services (nationwide delivery) issued by ICTO.


Quick in Vismin

Quick also established Cebu and Davao satellite offices to ensure that all transactions covering the Visayas region are attended to.


Remarkable Growth

In just three years of being in the business, Quick has serviced almost every industry sector and established a network of delivery partners all over the country.



Quick was formed by and comprised of individuals with many years of experience in supply chain,
manufacturing and management industries.


With manpower coming from different parts of the country and diverse background, what binds us together is the principle
of continuous innovation and collaboration to ensure reliable and efficient service to our clients.


Strategic Foundation


We are the premier supply chain solutions provider in the country. Integral in our operation is the principle of continuous innovation and collaboration to ensure reliable and efficient service to our clients.



We are the premier solutions provider making everyone’s life easier.



OUR CUSTOMERS. We are committed to provide quick, reliable, customized, high quality service in a safe, mutually-beneficial and environment-friendly manner delivering outstanding customer experience.


OUR EMPLOYEES. We are dedicated to provide personal and professional growth through work-life balance in a collaborative environment putting value to their individuality and competence.


OUR SHAREHOLDERS. We serve shareholder’s interest through innovative solutions and business expansion following high ethical standards resulting to sustainable financial growth.


OUR COMMUNITY. We are a caring corporate neighbor bringing positive changes to the community and the environment for present and future generations.




QUALITY. We create value and quality results for our clients, people, and shareholders through innovative solutions, rewarding careers, and financial growth.


UNITY. We value teamwork knowing that it produces results. We encourage collaboration and open communication at every level of the organization.


INTEGRITY. We follow and strictly enforce clear ethical guidelines in the company.


CARE. We care for our people, clients, partners, and community. We are committed to help our stakeholders and meet their expectations.


KAIZEN. We need to drive change for the better. We innovate and maximize technology. We strive for continuous improvement in the things we do.


Our Partners

Our network of partners allows us to innovatively address customers’ unique logistics requirements, in a way that no other company can.


Experience and Wisdom

Our partnership with a 50-year freight forwarder, provides us with a depth of knowledge from the experts.



Mobility and Interconnection

Our partnership with transportation companies gives us strategic access nationwide and make our delivery system efficient and reliable.




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