Cargo Delivery and Distribution

Quick offers a portfolio of delivery services:



A unique line-haul delivery that utilizes our combination of Cargo Buses and Catamaran Vessels (FastCat) RORO (roll-in roll out).  This line-haul system can handle almost all types of general cargo including electronics, batteries, liquid materials, bulky equipment, and other LCL shipment.

With this unique line-haul we were able to provide alternative solution on the overcapacity and cargo restrictions of air freight in the Philippines.  We gladly support our fellow logistics providers in their line-haul (middle mile delivery) requirements.


Intra and Inter Delivery  

A door-to-door delivery service designed for customers who are looking for reliable yet budget-friendly kind of courier services.  Delivery time ranges from one to three days for deliveries within same region (intra) and up to seven days for inter region.



Some of our cargo delivery clients



CARGO KING. On August 2015, Quick signed its first client MOA with Cargo King, the official Cargo Carrier of Air Asia. Cargo King tapped Quick for cargo bus line-haul services to transport goods from Davao to Manila and vice-versa.  




HONDA PHILIPPINES. Quick has been servicing Honda Philippines for door-to-door delivery of Ford car parts from Laguna to Vismin areas since 2016.



SMARTMATIC.  Awarded the door-to door delivery (forward and reverse) of VCMs in the whole of Mindanao to Quick on Februrary 2016.



MEDICARD. Quick started its door-to-door delivery service for Medicard Philippines, Inc. last October 2015.  We have been considered its most scalable delivery partner to date.




BDO. On June 2016 Quick was accredited by BDO as one of its delivery service providers.  Quick delivered all the UPS requirements of soon-to-be converted One Network Bank to BDO branches in Vismin.




LAZADA EXPESS. Quick has been providing line-haul services for Lazada Express since July 2016 for its Manila to VisMin (and vice-versa) cargo movement.    



ENTREGO.  One of our recent clients is Entrego Philippines.  Entrego has been looking for dynamic middle mile service provider and found one in Quick.  We are providing also line-haul services for Entrego for their nationwide distribution.





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